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I went to Mexico for the first time(Cancun). People are great, but a small army of unscrupulous individuals are targeting senior citizens and others on a free things just for listening to a sales pitch you don't have to buy.

The Mayan Place Regency grup in Cancun was the the culprit. I was so culible. I was promised so many things and at the end what I sighned for was totally different of what I was promised. VEry stressfull.

Now I called them because I can't even get on a web page they advertise and spoke to Leo.

He told me that I didn't have to do anything because he was positng my request. That a sales person would call. This sounds like another run around. The Mexican gov't has to do something about this.

Don't go to CAncun. Go -to Miami or Hawaii or anywhere in the U.S.

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